A Day Out For BOLD Church

In 2018 the Riot Report had the unique opportunity of following a group of kids from BOLD Church as they were headed out to attend Cam Newton’s Thanksgiving Jam. This is Cam’s annual event where he feeds over 1,000 underprivileged kids a Thanksgiving meal and provides them each with a frozen turkey to take home to their families.

For the last 17 years BOLD Church has run the BOLD Kids after-school program, a program that is geared towards helping kids is lower income areas reach their full academic and social potential.

But this afternoon wasn’t about the kids, it was about the volunteers who have helped make the program such a success.

The Roaring Riot donated 13 tickets for the Panthers vs Falcons game, a gift card for food at the concession stands, and scarves for each of the BOLD Kids volunteers attendees.

I’m very impressed with the organizations and how they serve the community. And we, BOLD Church, are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the organization to support our teachers and CMS Berewick. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Roaring Riot and the Cam Newton Foundation to spread love and care for our communities and school.”

-K. Redd

It feels great to be able to support those who give their time and efforts to make our community stronger. We’re pleased that they had such a great day!

“Roaring Riot: We’re excited about the opportunity given to us to watch our beloved Panthers!”

-J. Lee